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SolWeb is a software development and distribution company specializing in email communications and solutions for the real estate industry. In particular, corporate clients from many countries rely on the much-praised personal support, often provided directly by the developers themselves, in English, Spanish and German. After almost one-and-a-half decades of continuous development the following four product groups are currently offered:


IceWarp Server is a revolutionary system that integrates hundreds of robust technologies to provide phone-like reliability for your email communication all in an easy-to-manage interface.

SolWeb is the official distributor of all IceWarp Software products in Spain. SolWeb provides software licenses, technical support, consulting services and an array of managed services to customers in Spain and other hispanic countries.


RealtyWare is a contact and property management software for real estate and property agents. RealtyWare helps real estate professionals quickly become more productive and effective in managing prospects and customers whether they are a single-agent/broker business or a large workgroup.

RealtyWare has been specifically designed for international estate agents and manages property data in multiple languages.

Galería Marbella

Galería Marbella is the most extensive and complete buyers guide of the Costa del Sol (Andalusia, southern Spain).

Galeria Marbella is published in English, German and, of course, Spanish, which covers most nationalities in this part of Andalusia. There are currently over 8,000 premises and non commercial institutions included, and their details are updated daily.


ProperWeb is a managed real estate website service. It allows estate agents to manage their website without any technical knowledge; SolWeb takes care of all the programming and technical details.

ProperWeb includes a search engine friendly CMS (Content Managment System) with a WYSIWYG editor and real estate listing syndication via XML feeds.

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